the secret to instant pain relief & recovery!

whole body cryotherapy

loved by celebrity athletes. used by millions of chronic patients

at last! a 3 mins whole body cryotherapy helps diminish...

aches. chronic pains and inflammation out of your body!

Finally! A New type, ground-breaking self-healing medical discovery promise to cure more than 850 diseases. disorders and illness!
Hundreds of athletes, arthritis victims who are resigned to a life of agonising pain can now enjoy "pain-free" motion once again!
-Thanks to the development of whole body cryotherapy!

in all cases. it ends pains and swelling near instantly!

during the process it repairs and recuperates muscles & joints

That are showing the signs of microscopic wear and tear on the muscles when pressure is asserted during sports activities.
Whole body cryotherapy helps to produce antioxidants, decreases inflammation within the body. Leading to faster recovery and general pain relief. This acts as a chiropractor to thousands of athletes and help them perform at every game at their best form!


attention : discover if you are a suitable candidate for whole body cryotherapy! - schedule a session of consultation to learn more!

the accelerated body recovery elixir for radical body performance improvement

that jumpstarts your metabolism & optimising immunity!

It sets your body in a crazy work out mode to even burn  800-1000 kilocalories. Tighten your skin tissues and improve circulation as your blood rushes to your core. Where your body fluid picks up extra enzymes and nutrients normally held in storage-mode by your body at every session!

3 Mins fast Treatment

for body performance & wellness

skin tightening & lifting effects

no downtime involved

it's like a miracle! - whole body cryotherapy is your medicine!

forget about aspirin pills with heavy side effects! get natural healing now!

Chronic illness is probably difficult at any age but at 27 years old I refused to live the rest of my life in that kind of pain. After trying many different treatments including a pretty scary mishap with a neurostimulator I was looking for something more holistic that could help and was referred to Tracy at ONLY Group.

Nothing has helped more in the last 3 years since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia more than the Cryo Sauna. It's truly amazing.
Melissa pauline
patient suffering from chronic pains
I began to seek out sessions at a gym near my house in Madrid, regularly going for treatments up to twice a week to guarantee quick recovery after matches and training and, subsequently, optimal performance.
cristiano ronaldo
real madrid celebrity athlete

pain management consultation

by asia's first & only cryotherapy provider

Discover how cryotherapy will work on your body entirely and get rid of pains and inflammation quickly!


whole body cryotherapy

1 session | Valid for new patients only

Now you can try this amazing cure to pains, inflammation, swelling, chronic diseases and all the other 850 muscle, spine inclined illness!


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