Considering HIKO Nose Threadlift? Here’s What You Need To Know


here's What you need to know!

Do You always wanted to have a higher sharper nose and have been hearing alot about the new uprising korean thread lift trend that everyone is talking about? Before you head down for your consultation, be sure to read on and understand better on what you can expect from Korean Nose Threadlift vs Nose Fillers

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When we’re younger, we used to compare our noses to our friends, celebrities and other people.  We also love talking about those individuals that have lovely noses. At times, we also find ourselves talking about how ours are imperfect – too flat, too round or too wide.  
I could also remember that some of us might have been trying to pinch our noses hoping it would really improve its look and structure – having a higher nose bridge.

Nose Thread Lift

Now, let me tell you something about how Asian noses differ from Caucasian noses.  Ours usually lack in height and are often rounder and wider. However, the beauty industry and high society standards have made most of us believe that a well-defined and smaller nose tip is what’s beautiful.  We cannot question that, and in fact, it’s indeed lovely.

Thanks to innovation and technology that nose enhancements, such as Rhinoplasty, have been introduced. And with further advancements, more nose enhancement options have been developed.  Many of the latest ones also don’t require patients to go under the knife to achieve higher nose bridge. Some of these include nose thread lifts and nose fillers. They can help augment the nose without undergoing plastic surgery.

One of the latest innovations on offer is Hiko Nose Thread Lift. It is a non-surgical nose enhancement treatment coming from Korea.

It makes use of PDO (polydioxanone) threads, which work effectively in enhancing the shape of one’s nose. 
But do these threads dissolve? Yes, they do dissolve naturally.
As they do, they will make more collagen in the skin, leading to
a tightening effect to enhance nose contours.

There’s more to Hiko Nose Thread Lift than nose enhancement. 
You will be into more surprises with it! It also works by bringing the tip of your nose forward, giving that illusion of having a narrower nose. 

If you have crooked nose, then you might also want to choose Hiko
because it can restore symmetry to your face. What’s more interesting is that its results can last up to two years. Over time, this procedure has been emerging as one of the most popular because it has minimal downtime and less invasive versus Rhinoplasty. In the following, let us learn more about Hiko Nose Lift and check the science behind and its benefits.


Hiko Nose Lifting is what you need to have your dream nose!  HIKO means…

  • Hi –High
  • Ko – Nose

So literally, Hiko means high nose.  In the medical term, it means to lift the nose. This procedure is most effective in letting you design your dream nose – with the perfect profile and shape that works for you.

What is it?

It’s a minimally invasive nose enhancement procedure that works to perfect the dimensions of your nose – with a higher nose bridge. It lets you get the best of both worlds.  For one, it is not like Rhinoplasty, which gets you under the knife. Rhinoplasty can lead to much swelling and pain post the procedure, and it does not also guarantee the perfect results, as you’re put to sleep.

Undergoing Hiko, patients will be able to see how the experts are designing the profile and shape of the nose – as they are not put to sleep the entire time. Hiko will also last longer versus fillers will.  If you’re aiming at having a sharper nose bridge, it is what you need!

nose thread lift ONLY Aesthetics Singapore treatment

Polydioxanone (PDO) is the revolutionary threads used in the procedure.  PDO is inserted into the treatment areas and under the skin, stimulating collagen production and activating skin tissue.  Patients can achieve a tightening effect from the inside and out because the skin tissues will make new collagen and fibroblasts.

The ultra-thin thread is an absorbable and synthetic monofilament material is also used in fine ligatures and cardiovascular surgery. With its very thin structure, it is painless and comfortable.  The threads are also versatile and can improve the height of the nose bridge for that lifted but natural look.

They can also be used in enhancing the tip of the nose for that defined look, something not achievable by nose fillers. Hiko Nose Threadlift gives not only a natural look but also long-lasting results.  Over time, the threads are going to be absorbed by the body safely and naturally.

What about fillers? What are they?

Nose fillers are non-surgical or non-invasive type of treatment options to gain taller nose bridge or sharper nose without surgery. So for those who do not want to go under the knife, nose filler would be suitable.

Are nose fillers safe?
Nose is a delicate part of our face and it should be done carefully. Clogged retinal artery and blood vessel may lead to blindness and scarring respectively. So it should be done by an experienced doctor.
How long can nose fillers last?
They can last for about 9 to 16 months. If the treatment is done regularly and well-maintained, it can last much longer. The duration will also depend on individual’s lifestyle and body’s metabolism.
Nose fillers price in Singapore
For most aesthetic clinic in Singapore, the price of nose fillers can range from $500 to $1,300 per syringe. The big range in nose fillers price and cost is due to the difference in brands of fillers and the procedure used. There are brands like Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero and they are priced differently. In Singapore, nose fillers can only be performed by certified doctors who have the licence to do so. 
Nose filler procedure

Nose filler procedures can help one enhance his or her nose’s body, tip and bridge, especially patients with a flat nose. They also carry minimal downtime and non-surgical. They also lead to minimal pain and less bruising.  You can achieve instant results with it, especially if you’re looking to correct a flat nose bridge, a dorsal hump, or a down pointing tip of the nose – all common characteristics of Asian noses.   

But then, nose fillers cannot make your nose smaller in appearance.  That is why you should not opt for it if it’s the result you want to achieve. What you need is a treatment to make your facial features stand out with a treatment that can harmonise the rest of them. In this case, things will look simple, natural and beautiful.

nose threadlift treatment before and after ONLY Aesthetics

Hiko is what you need!

It is the union between surgical implants and dermal fillers. 
It can help you achieve natural results versus fillers. Compared to fillers, it also leads to longer lasting results, and it won’t also spread out – an issue with nose fillers. They can spread out and make your nose wider.

Hiko is different because it can make a sharp and contoured nose tip that has a contoured bridge.  And when compared to surgical procedures, Hiko has little to no downtime, and it does not lead to bruising, pain and swelling. *Reaction may vary from patient to patient.

How many sessions should you have for the best results?

Only one session is required for many patients. But then, I have patients that want better results, so they opt for top ups. I also do recommend it if you’re looking for optimal results.  For locking in the lifting effect, you might have to go for a second session at up to 12 months.

What are the side effects?

There can be risk of infection, so you’re advised to have it done in a certified clinic, not in any cheap salons.  The professionals are knowledgeable and skilled to perform the procedure. They have the training on how to do it right and possess the knowledge to guide and give advice to patients about post care.

Injection marks can also be visible, but they will heal over time with correct care. 

Finally, soreness might also be another side effect for some patients. *Reaction varies from one patient to another. Thus, I recommend you book an appointment for a consultation.

How much time does it take?

The procedure only takes up to 45 minutes versus other procedures that take more than an hour to do.

Are you a candidate?

Yes, you are if you have not undergone Rhinoplasty. This enhancement procedure is also for men and women who have had nose fillers but then are now worried about their widened nose. The reason is that fillers tend to spread out in the nose, making it appear wider than ever.

Does it involve downtime?

Minimal downtime is possible because some patients may suffer from slight swelling and bruising.  For the most, they can go back to work the following day or after the treatment.

Do you need repeated treatments?

The result can last for two years, but it varies from patient to patient. For   better results, some patients may need repeated treatments.

Does it involve pain?

The medical aesthetic professional will apply anesthetic cream on the nose area for treatment.   He will also administer local anesthesia, which will help you feel almost nothing.

Hiko nose lift helps you achieve your dream nose without going under the knife. It is the more effective and safer choice versus nose fillers and Rhinoplasty.  The treatment is the solution for that perfectly shaped nose you’ve always wanted. Don’t miss the opportunity, so be sure to act now and take advantage of the benefits of Hiko that other treatments cannot give.

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