What is Acne? How can I treat my Acne problems?

Acne can be triggered by multiple factors, such as hormonal changes, external aggressors, stress, lack of sleep and many others.

John Hopkins Medicine shared that especially for women, their hormonal changes can trigger acne. On top of this, male hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone can increase as women gets older due to the drop in estrogen levels. With our bodies having lesser female hormones to suppress & inhibit the effects of the surge of male hormones, women may notice that there is an increase in oil production, and this increase can result in enlarged pores, leading to clogged pores as well as an increase in acne.

Additionally, stress also plays a big role as stress can increase specific hormones such as cortisol which leads to more inflammation, which in turn, triggers & worsens acne issues.

Topical anti-inflammatories such as acne cream or topical retinoid cream can help to treat the surface level acne by unclogging the pores & exfoliating the surface, however, to treat acne from recurring, it requires aesthetic treatment that are able to reach down to the sebaceous glands to treat the root issue.

It has also been proven by John Hopkins Medicine that chemical peels and light therapies can help to clear up acne more quickly.

However, for deep inflammatory lesions and macrocomedones, Dr Amanda Oakley stated that it can result in scarring if the acne areas are not well handled with the appropriate skincare and treatments.

Understanding the struggles of acne, Only Aesthetics created Acnexel, OnliClear & Chemical Peels to help treat both surface and skin deep acne issues.

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