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What causes your neck skin to sag?

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As with all skin, there are many factors that contribute to sagging skin around the neck area such as genetics, extreme weight loss, collagen and elastin breakdown and external aggressors like sun exposure as mentioned by California Skin Institute.

The skin on your neck is more delicate & thinner with less collagen as compared to the skin on your face. Most people tend to overlook the importance of doing skincare on their neck as well but with the right skincare products, it can actually help to keep your neck looking smooth and toned.

As many might not be aware of how to take care of the skin around that area, or what products to use to prevent neck sagging and lines, ONLYSKIN created an all in one product to help with all these skincare woes. 

ONLYSKIN created the one and only FIRM Face and Neck Firming that incorporates a new proprietary formula that uses advance (A.I) Artificial Intelligence technology that has a unique ability to ingeniously recognise and treat aging skin cells.

It firms up sagging skin while tightening up the jawline after a 20 minutes leave-on firming treatment that generates collagen to the skin as it plumps up and restores fullness to aged skin immediately after application.

With daily application, FIRM helps to expedite and delays early signs of aging.

By adding an anti-aging booster to your skin care routine, this can make a huge difference in the long run by reducing the appearance of neck lines & prevent neck sags!