What causes Pigmentation? Can Pigmentation be removed?

What are pigmentation? Pigmentation is a condition that causes the skin darker, eventually changing the colour of your skin tone as stated by the U.S. National Library on Medicine.

‘It usually occurs on the cheeks, nose, forehead. Any form of discolouration, uneven appearance of the skin can be signs of pigmentation, explains Dr Jamuna Pai.

A pigment called melanin is where your skin gets its colour from, in our body, special cells in our skin produces melanin and when these cells get damaged, it can affect our melanin production.

If your body produces too much melanin, it causes your skin to darken. On this note there are of course, other factors that contribute to pigmentation spots such as Pregnancy, Addison’s disease, and Sun exposure.

Dr Kiran suggests that pigmentation can be preventable to a certain extent, a way to do so is to wear a good amount of sunblock to prevent sun damage/exposure. She suggests applying at least two tablespoons of a good sunscreen with sufficient SPF to create a strong shield & barrier against the harmful sun rays.

“Exposure to UV rays triggers the production of melanin as a protective mechanism and overexposure can cause dark patches on the areas of skin that are more exposed to the sun,” says Dr Jamuna.

For people who are fairer, it indicates that their body produces lesser melanin.

Cleveland Clinic further suggests that pigmentation comes in various shapes and sizes, with different terms – Freckles, Melasma & Sun Spots can all be considered as pigmentation.

To help reduce pigmentation on skin, Only Aesthetic offers multiple treatments – such as OnliPlasma, OnliPulse, Glass Skin Laser, Laser Toning that can target these problems!

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