Why Waxing Will NEVER Be Effective If You Are Looking For Permanent Hair Removal Results!

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Getting hairless is simply amazing!  And there are many ways to achieve it – shaving, plucking and hair removal wax. Of the three, waxing is the most effective hair removal solution, but is it really? For men and women looking to achieve permanent hair removal results, you got to know the truth.

If you’ve just started with waxing, you should know certain things about it that might surprise or even shock you! In today’s article, we’ll discuss why it is not the effective solution for hair removal especially if you’re looking for permanent results.

The deep kept secret that wax salons don't tell you.

Some claim that it’s one of the best ways of removing unwanted hair. 
 It is done by removing the entire hair starting from the roots or the hair follicles.

#1. "WAXING" delivers permanent result is a lie!

While it is more effective than shaving because it gets rid of the hair from the roots and not only from the skin surface, it is not permanent and long lasting. In fact, (annoying) hair will grow back after a couple of weeks.  In short, hair will re-grow even if it is claimed to be sparser or lighter – or not at all.

But going permanently hairless is untrue!  This claim has confused thousands of men and women.  Do not fall into the trap of believing this myth because it simply a lie.

" Did you know that waxed area won’t just let hair grow back, but this procedure can even cause ingrown hair, which is harder to manage and annoying to see?"

#2. The Truth is you are likely to get "chicken skin".

And that’s not the only problem.  In fact, you might also suffer from chicken skin, which is totally off. Just imagine having chicken skin on your legs, armpits (and genitals?).  That’s something that can actually ruin your and your partner’s day.

#3. Gradual Darkening Of the skin.

And at the beach, you might not even have the guts of wearing those lovely bikinis you bought before the summer because your skin is disappointing. 

Speaking of unsightly results, did you know that waxing could also cause skin darkening?   That’s because of skin abrasion! Waxing, without even saying, irritates the skin and causes more problem than you had in the beginning.  Those with sensitive skin, in particular, can suffer from worse skin darkening effects.

Underarms IPL Hair Removal Singapore

#4. You need frequent Maintenance

Now, are you someone who’s trying to go hairless but looking for something less maintenance?

You shouldn’t just avoid shaving or plucking but also hair removal wax altogether.
They won’t deliver permanent results, but would just make you repeat the process from scratch.   So if you’re a young professional who does not like wasting on temporary results, then you must know that waxing is not for you.

Because it requires monthly maintenance – meaning you have to see your service provider at least once a month for the treatment, or maybe twice if your hair is growing back faster.

All right and then we’re not going to lie.  Waxing is painful.  While some claim that it won’t be as painful as the first try, still it comes with pain (redness and maybe swelling depending on the person being treated). 

While everyone has different pain thresholds and tolerance, you will feel pain especially if your skin is suffering from dehydration.   It is also not advisable to get a waxing procedure four days before or after your monthly period. Plus, if you have coarse or thick hair, you’re going to suffer from more pain.

#5. There are some Restrictions that they don't tell you.

Hair removal wax also has certain restrictions. For one, you cannot shave between appointments.  How un-cool is that? We understand though because shaving will disrupt the hair growth cycle that will lead to a thicker hair volume for your next appointment.

And here’s another thing. As hair is growing in three cycles, not all hair will be removed in the first session.  It only means that you should go for three different sessions so that the hair will come out – and be totally eliminated for that smooth, soft to the touch skin.

#6. Irritated and red skin

Brazilian Waxing Singapore

Your skin will end up red, blotchy and irritated.  After the session, your skin will be left irritated and red.  That is why clients are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing.   Plus, they’re recommended not to apply too much friction with sexy, tight clothing that might lead to more irritation.

#7. The possible Infections & risk

By removing hair down, waxing can put you at risk of infection, especially associated with bikini waxing that can result to tiny skin tears due to the pulling of the hair out. Waxing can lead to surface infection – and some can even suffer from cellulitis. So with this procedure, you can put yourself at risk of certain infection that you could have avoided choosing safer and more long-lasting alternatives.

#8. Waxing is definitely don't deliver permanent results!

There are so many things to avoid with waxing – well, think of the hassle.  So even if this treatment is inconvenient and won’t bring any permanent result, it requires all these things if you don’t want to feel much pain or suffer from an infection, among other things that can be avoided doing these things before and after the procedure.

Waxing causes chicken skin, ingrown hair and skin darkening due to abrasion. It has many disadvantages that also include regular maintenance (once started), irritation, peeling and swelling skin.  Waxing also increases your risk of infection and torn skin.  And when done by a less trained professional, it might also cause skin burns due to too hot waxing mixture.

Worst, you will have to spend more to get rid of unwanted hair. Do the math and discover how you’re wasting too much money for something not giving you permanent results.

Would you like that? Of course, you won’t.  If you’re looking for an effective and permanents hairlessness result, then you might proceed to the next option. 

At the ONLY Aesthetics, we know something that will work versus hair removal wax. 
Through the years, we’ve been providing our clients with satisfying results when it comes to permanent removal treatments. We only use cutting-edge and world-renowned technologies proven to work and deliver the best hair removal results to which you can look forward

Call us and book for a free initial consultation today!

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