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Reviews on Coolsculpting

Reviews on Coolsculpting

Reviews on Coolsculpting


Sharing with you reviews on Coolsculpting by real people.

But before that, 5 questions for you:

  1. When was the last time you felt like yourself, perhaps 5 or 10 years ago?
  2. Do you remember those great, old days when you could expose your belly at any given chance without hesitation?
  3. Do you recall those years when any wardrobe would fit your perfect figure?
  4. And do you remember that prom night when you wore that revealing red dress, which envied your best friend back in high school?
  5. Do you miss those moments… those years?

Anybody would. And we certainly understand that.

You have done your part, spending effort, money and time on special diets.

In fact, you even enrolled yourself into a fitness program.

Yet you still cannot seem to get rid of stubborn fat pockets all over your body.

What probably went wrong? Why is annoying fat not responding with conventional fat reduction methods like diets and exercise?

And hey, let’s not ignore that you’ve even considered surgery at one point or another, remember?

But then, you’re scared of the after effects, not mentioning one may also be invasive, with slow recovery time and healing process.

“What am I going to do? Do I have to live with these unwanted, thick fat layers in my arms, stomach, legs and thighs FOREVER?

You have been asking this same question over again, and yet you find no answer.

Your situation got even worse because you’ve stopped in the middle of your diet and workout program that did NOT bring you expected results.

And so now you are asking, “Can I still bring my body back? My self-esteem has long been gone. The way I look at myself in the mirror isn’t the same. Is this person still ‘me’?”

  • Tight-fitting clothes don’t fit.
  • Feeling good about yourself, with your appearance, is all a part of the past
  • Bringing back that self-confidence—speaking, negotiating and just mere mingling with people all feels like an old vocabulary from an ancient dictionary now buried in history

We at Only Aesthetics, along with millions of women all over the world, feel you.

We feel your frustration, your pain, your struggle…

Did you know that women, even in their mid-30s, have unwanted fat around their stomach, thighs, and legs?

(And believe us. We have met and treated women from all ages, helping them get rid of fat in the effective and safe manner, which we’re about to discuss in the following sections.)

Discover How you can Destroy Those Unwanted Fat Now: http://goo.gl/Ibcid8

It is not only that sagging arms, legs… is an unsightly figure causing annoyance and dismay, but it is, in itself, may be a sign of bad health that might lead to a host of diseases, including diabetes, heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure…

But you don’t have to be a part of statistics nor suffer from these debilitating diseases in the future for not getting rid of fat NOW.

You can do something—with CoolSculpting!

What is it? This is the revolutionary, non-invasive contouring treatment that works by freezing stubborn fat to be eliminated naturally from your body through the lymphatic system.

So there’s no need to worry about needles, supplements, surgeries and special diets because you’re going to lose fat in a natural way.

The treatment won’t interrupt or disturb your body functions, meaning it’s harmless and safe. It does what it does without you noticing it is working.

The best part is that there is no downtime, meaning you can go back to your normal life activities and routines right after.

Yes, that’s right!

Since this is non-invasive, you can go on with your life and do what you love to do—no hassles, no worries, no stress…

Plus, in case you may want to know, CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared fat removal solution that does what it does without putting you in harm’s way.

Discover How you can Destroy Those Unwanted Fat Now : http://goo.gl/Ibcid8

CoolSculpting is the latest fat removal solution developed by Harvard scientists and doctors, R. Rox Anderson and Dieter Manstein of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Together with their team, the scientists found out that subcutaneous fat cells are vulnerable to coldness, making them weak and causing them to die at Cryolipolysis.

Based on initial findings, controlled, prolonged select tissue cooling can reduce fat and lose subcutaneous fat, without damaging overlying skin.

That’s not all!

The study also demonstrated that after 3.5 months, up to 40 percent of the fat layer thickness was eliminated and that there was no evidence of increase in blood lipid level at different interval up to 90 days after the treatment.

Imagine how CoolSculpting can bring your life (and body) back by just freezing fat cells without damaging your skin or putting your health in danger.

Now, that’s great news and we know you’re excited to try it yourself (and we don’t wonder why). Here is a quick glimpse it features—

  • FDA-approved
  • Non-invasive
  • No special diets
  • No needles
  • No lasers
  • No downtime

With the procedure, fat cells are eliminated through the lymphatic system within 90 days and good news is that you may be one of our patients to experience the AMAZING RESULTS with only one treatment.

*Results may vary from person to person. Some patients may need an additional treatment for a more impressive sculpting effect.

What Makes CoolSculpting Unique?

Due to lifestyle, poor diet and/or lack of exercise, all of us develop that bulges of stubborn fat that contain fat cells, which can be resistant to any remedies out there, including diet and exercise, but not to this treatment.

It uses controlled cooling in targeting, crystallizing and killing fat cells and eventually getting rid of them from your body. And then after a couple of weeks, remaining fat cells will condense.

You will notice visible fat reduction in the area once the initial treatment is completed, but further reduction can be possible with additional treatments, which of course means more fat loss.

As results may vary, you and your doctor and CS Specialist at Only Aesthetics are going to discuss and design a treatment course that matches your situation.

Discover How you can Destroy Those Unwanted Fat Now : http://goo.gl/Ibcid8

But, are you an ideal candidate for it?

Here’s the thing. You are very, very much ideal if you are fit but you have some fat bulges, which cannot be reduced through common methods, including conventional diets and exercises.

You may be appropriate for it if you are looking to get rid of fat in specific body areas but are afraid to consider surgery, which may have slow recovery time and ineffective, short-lasting results, not mentioning one may also be a complicated, invasive process that might endanger your health.

*Note: CoolSculpting isn’t intended as a treatment for obesity or weight loss and it can never be a substitute for invasive methods, including liposuction.

This particular procedure can target and eliminate only your fat cells, as compared to traditional routes, including radiofrequency, focused ultrasounds and lasers, which can affect your fat cells and the surrounding tissues.

You should also remember that this treatment is different from other fat reduction modalities that use high-intensity heat or chemical injections, which yes, diminish fat cells but may also damage healthy tissues.

What it does is to use a cooling technology to kill fat cells without harming your body. And because it works gently and gradually, you won’t have to worry about your immune system, too.

Now you might be asking, “Are the results permanent?”

Yes, it is, but that’s if you maintain your weight with proper diet and regular exercise.

“Will it work better than lipolysis (Liposonix) against large fat deposits?” Here is what Melissa Lazarus, MD, a Miami Dermatologist said,

Coolsculpting works great for treating larger fat deposits.”

Discover How you can Destroy Those Unwanted Fat Now : http://goo.gl/Ibcid8

Now, let’s take a look at a few success stories from real people who have experienced real results.

  • Estelle said that she does not have to suck in her stomach anymore after CoolSculpting and that she couldn’t be happier.
  • Lesley, a busy mother, revealed that she is happy of her appearance now and she has more confidence.
  • Kris, a director-producer, loves wearing fitted shirts and now he can.
  • Cristina revealed that it has been huge for her confidence.

(*Source: CoolSculpting.com)

Michaela J.

She took photos of her progression and noticed how her tummy was getting smaller and smaller, without her even having to change her routine.

But the positive change she’s seeing in her body has inspired her to incorporate daily exercise in her life so that she can get better results from other parts of her body.

So far, she’s been enjoying the results but is looking forward for more improvements in the coming months. Right now, she has already said goodbye to 25 percent of her body fat. Things have been good for her and that the pain she felt initially in the first week was all worth it.

Jane H.

She said that CoolSculpting was an amazing procedure, not mentioning that it wasn’t invasive and added that it helped her firm up problematic areas, which showed after giving birth.

(*Excerpts from CoolSculpting Reviews)

These are real life experiences from real people who have witnessed the big change in their lives.


  • Are you looking to see improvement in your body really, really soon?
  • Are you ready to eliminate fat pockets in your arms, legs, stomach and thighs?
  • Are you looking forward that big change?

Well if you answered yes and if you are a candidate for it, then it may be the right time for Cryolipolysis to get rid of fat cells without undergoing surgery.

Aside from getting rid of stubborn fat, Cryolipolysis is an effective yet safe treatment.


  • It took scientists years and years to research, study and conclude their findings.


  • And to date, it has been the one and only FDA-cleared fat freezing procedure on earth.

Special coolsculpting singapore cost and coolsculpting singapore prices from $499

  • There are no artificial substances involved, but only a controlled cooling system that focuses on fat cells, which are naturally eliminated out your body, all as a part of an equally natural process—through your lymphatic system.

And if you are thinking of safety and satisfaction, you don’t need to, provided you are with the experts, like us, that employ certified and trained beauty and aesthetics practitioners.

Every woman deserves an improved lifestyle after fat reduction, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose us for CoolSculpting.

With exercise and proper diet, you’ll experience the change—and get more out of life.

The results you’ll get are natural looking and gradual. You may or may not need an additional but only one treatment, all depending on your individual situation.

And because you would be impressed with the results, you become inspired to choosing healthier lifestyle habits to keep your body weight and shape.

So as you see, one good decision leads to the next great decision, which is to staying in shape by changing your lifestyle habits.

Another benefit waiting when you get the treatment is feeling and looking better on just about any outfit.

You don’t have to tuck your stomach anymore, no matter how tight your clothes are, resulting to more happiness—that will be very much obvious with your happier and more confident appearance and manner of carrying yourself.

And yes, you can because you would be in a better position of wearing that positive attitude no matter where you are-at home, in the office or at parties.

And now that you are feeling more confident about yourself, there is no stopping YOU!

Discover How you can Destroy Those Unwanted Fat Now : http://goo.gl/Ibcid8

CoolSculpting gives you more happiness following that self-confidence you’ll have by just looking at yourself in the mirror. And because you’ll feel more confident, you’ll be more successful in everything you do.

Greater self-worth, self-value means increase in your capabilities because you’ll wear a great feeling of yourself that creates a natural high because GETTING YOUR BODY back is the more reason to be proud of yourself.

What follows? When you are proud and happy about the way you look after CoolSculpting, you will always have the reason to enjoy your life and you will be free from self-doubt.

With a RENEWED body after it, you’ll be free from the mental torture of feeling less than what you really are; thus, you will be capable of achieving anything you want to achieve in life—guaranteed.

And with greater strength due to self-confidence, you will feel more powerful to take on just about anything in life—the challenges.

As you are able to bring your body back, you will also be free from anxiety and fear because you can seize every opportunity coming your way with self-belief. Now you are ready to accept, learn and handle every situation to come your way.


CoolSculpting has helped thousands upon thousands of women from around the world in achieving peace of mind and less stress with a better-looking body that they have always been dreaming.

And who can help you achieve all these with CoolSculpting? ONLY Aesthetics Can!

Why would you believe us?

  • 11 years of industry experience and dedication
  • 512,250 of satisfied customers and counting
  • 1,000,000 of treatments performed!

Our philosophy is focusing on every single customer, catering to individual needs for the best results. Before the start of treatment, our Specialist will determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure (e.g. physically fit) and discuss an appropriate course of action to take (e.g. single treatment…).

The ONLY Group is established in 2005, with main services, including medical aesthetics and is an integrated, one-stop center, for not only aesthetics clinic in Singapore, but also, training, digital & creative agency, medical distributions, M&A and franchising.

We are an award-winning group that has numerous industry recognitions across Singapore, along with service treatments and technologies awards around the World, not mentioning cool reviews on social media.

It’s because our operating philosophy focusing on your individual needs because no two clients are alike.

We believe that determining your specific situation is the best way to start before anything else.

With that in mind, you, our customer, can arrive at the best and informed decision.

We have an expert team of certified, trained and updated professionals with knowledge of the latest industry practices and trends, ensuring customer satisfaction from the start to the finish.

We are a multi-awarded medical aesthetics group in Singapore, recognized for our expertise, top-edge technology, and high success rate, making us the top choice among customers in the country and abroad.

Our CoolSculpting Features

  • No pre-surgical preparation
  • Natural-looking, remarkable results
  • No downtime
  • No incisions, no needles, no pain medicine and no anesthesia
  • Fat removal through the body’s natural processes
  • And much more

ONLY Aesthetics is your partner to beauty and aesthetics, to confidence and success…

We believe in you.

We believe there is more you can do.

And we want to help bring your LIFE back—with better self-confidence, higher self-regard and with ZERO self-doubt.

All these you can achieve by feeling and looking good without that stubborn fat layers all over your body.

And that begins by making a good choice—choosing ONLY Aesthetics!

No other aesthetics group can give you guaranteed effective and safe treatments but us!

Trust ONLY the experts.

Trust Only Aesthetics, the #1 choice in aesthetics and beauty, with the best CoolSculpting treatment results our competitors in Singapore only try to emulate but cannot beat!


Discover How you can Destroy Those Unwanted Fat Now : http://goo.gl/Ibcid8

The best coolsculpting singapore clinics and Coolsculpting deals in Singapore is found exclusively in this coolsculpting singapore blog. Cheapest coolsculpting in singapore for arms, thighs, belly, tummy, double chin etc now at onlyaesthetics singapore largest clinic group. Prices from $499…


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