Just an episode of leaking in public is embarrassing enough to make you want to hide your face and be stuck in time from where you are. But what else can be more annoying if it happens at least once a day – in the most unexpected places – churches, schools, and offices, and in the most unexpected times of the day – at night when making love? Not a single woman should suffer from the embarrassment of urinary incontinence. Don’t let it happen to you. Get an effective urinary incontinence treatment (More on this in a bit). For now, let us first talk about Stressed Urinary Incontinence to understand it better.


Just a few drops of urine or a large, uncontrollable flow, SUI happens very often that it becomes a part of some women’s daily embarrassing life situation.

But an overwhelming number of women rather suffer in the dark, silently than discuss about urinary incontinence. And we don’t wonder. The condition is unpleasant and embarrassing. Women would rather not talk about it at all, unless it is brought up in the conversation.

Stress incontinence, which can be addressed by urinary incontinence treatment, is an inability of controlling the urge to urinate, an embarrassing disorder that often leads women to isolation.

SUI occurs especially when you’re sneezing, exercising, engaging in intercourse, lifting a heavy object or coughing – causing the leak in your urethra, the tube where the urine is passing through. But sometimes, even when standing up from a reclining or seated position makes women leak due to additional bladder pressure.

It can also happen due to the great abdominal pressure you’re putting on to your bladder, especially when suffering from a loose vagina. It can also be a result of weak pelvic muscle or due to a weak sphincter muscle that opens and closes leading to incontinence. Other causes of SUI include obesity and smoking.

Involuntary incontinence, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive, and Kidney Diseases, a higher number of women versus men are suffering from urinary incontinence due to pregnancy and childbirth – especially after having at least one vaginal delivery. It happens because the pelvic and sphincter muscles are weakened due to too much stretching out.

For some women, SUI occurs as a side effect of pelvic surgery, chronic cough or aging. Other risk factors include constipation, hormonal deficiencies and excessive alcohol intake and smoking.


Just as how common is SUI? Sources reveal that almost half of the women who have had at least one vaginal delivery suffer from incontinence, mainly due to vaginal looseness. Again, the pelvic and sphincter muscles are weakened due to too much stretching out in pregnancy and childbirth as well. What follows is looseness, not only stretch marks or weight gain after pregnancy.

On the other hand, some women suffer from incontinence due to aging, hormonal imbalances and participating in heavy and strenuous physical activities for a long time.

Why women would rather hide in silence, not discuss it with anyone and suffer alone? Just the topic of leaking in public is the least you’d want to talk about, and no wonder. It is embarrassing to admit that you have this disorder. It is not something to be proud of because to leak in public is and will never be a pleasant thing.

Women also choose not to speak about it with their doctors for the fear of criticism and due to the sensitivity of the condition. So instead of getting urinary incontinence treatment, these women would rather deal with the problem themselves or let it be. To call every single day a day in their lives in which nothing would change except their constant isolation from everyone. Not talking about incontinence with a medical practitioner, the problem can get worse every waking day.

Many also keep it from their partners, who are clueless about their (women) condition unless they leak. So not until that day or night when they would leak while with their partners, they won’t open the topic on urinary incontinence up – for the fear of being embarrassed.

At the workplace, women with SUI choose not to talk about it except if they leak on the floor and their colleagues find out the sad truth Sufferers, who are afraid of rejection, simply tend to isolate themselves socially than be judged by their peers and colleagues.


So much humiliation that if given a choice you rather stay at home than go on with your daily life.

“If I only had a choice…,” you were saying.

In the public – train station, market, shopping center, restaurant, dental clinic and spa, the list is endless.

“But even with stress incontinence, I have to go on and live my life,” you were self-talking in the mirror before going to work or doing the house chores.

The hassle of frequently changing your underwear is another stressful thing to do. It keeps happening without stopping, as you won’t want to smell stinky around people or just being by yourself.

The paranoia: “Oh my, I hope not to leak in this meeting. This is a very important presentation for me.” Inside your head, your thoughts are battling.

“I might leak here, right now.”

“I should concentrate and think positive that I won’t, but what if I do?”

In the bedroom with your husband, having sexual intercourse can also lead to stress incontinence. And that’s unacceptable to leak in front of him. No way, it is humiliating for him to find out that your vagina is too loose that it cannot anymore control urine from passing through involuntarily!

What an emotional stress to suffer from SUI. It won’t stop and leave you alone. In fact, it strikes in the most unexpected times and situations.

Too much of anything is never good. Don’t let stress urinary incontinence take your sanity and life quality away! Get Femilift urinary incontinence treatment.


Your life is already complicated enough. It is about the time and it just makes sense to make it easier – without the incontinence!

Get Femilift incontinence treatment. It is an effective and safe treatment – without the surgery to treat incontinence (and restore vaginal tightness). It uses an updated laser technology that works in stimulating elastin and collagen production.

These two proteins are the keys to tissue firmness and tightness we lose as we naturally undergo the aging process or have given at least one vaginal delivery.

Femilift is able to restore the normal appearance of the vaginal tissues because it works from the root cause of the problem! With it, you can experience an overall improvement of the vaginal tone that helps your vagina restore its support to the urethra for leak-free days!

A Femilift incontinence treatment delivers you the results without the downtime and pain! And with just one session, you will notice the difference – a reduction in leaking. For long-lasting and effective results, we recommend four (4) treatments, each with about four to six weeks of interval.

Busy women that do not want hospitalization must also consider the incontinence treatment that needs only up to 10 minutes of the time.

Plus, it does not cause any pain; in fact, anesthesia is unnecessary for it. During the treatment, a slim probe will be inserted into your vagina emitting tolerable thermal energy coming from the laser.

You will feel warmth once the laser starts working its way from the vagina to the cervix. The device is also activated every one centimeter as it is withdrawn out the vagina. You can suffer from a minor discharge after the treatment, but this is no big deal considering the results you’ll get later.


You’ll achieve enhanced vaginal tone and tightness that will also lead to better blood circulation and lubrication, promoting sexual stimulation. After it, you can wait for only three days before making love again.

You will feel the improvements from urinary incontinence symptoms! Plus, Femilift is not only for women suffering from incontinence but also for those suffering from painful sex, vaginitis, vaginal laxity and lack of sexual sensation due to vaginal looseness as well as for breast cancer survivors who should avoid hormonal treatment for any of the conditions mentioned earlier.

Femilift can help with urinary incontinence without the pain! It is non-invasive – so no worries about infection risk or bleeding. It is one of the top reasons this procedure is chosen by women suffering from either or both vaginal laxity or incontinence because it provides them with excellent results without their health and wellness suffering from any complications and issues.


Change your life – for the better. Don’t be one of the thousands of moms suffering in silence from stress urinary incontinence.

You have the choice. Choose a no downtime, effective, safe and painless treatment that also stimulates collagen production for restoration of tightness and firmness of your vaginal cells and tissues. This treatment also causes no side effects but delivers 100% accurate results.

We’re here to listen. Talk discreetly to our female doctors about the most innovative urinary incontinence treatment in Singapore today!



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