Discover Why By Doing This 15Mins “Hydrogen Infused” Anti-Aging Treatment Every other day.. Is giving Women In Singapore An Unfair Advantage To Getting Glass Skin!

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admin | 15th October 2018

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Introducing… The Century’s Greatest Breakthrough Using The Most Powerful Antioxidant on Earth That’s Proven To Repair Aging Skin & Deliver The Latest “Glass Skin” Craze Effect! – Using Hydrogen!!

Yes, you didn’t read it wrongly. – Hydrogen.

From improving sports performance to boosting energy to promoting optimal health and extending lifespan, now hydrogen-infused technology is mad available on aesthetic treatments! But this time, it is as the miracle elixir for skin youthfulness that all of us have been searching for since the nth of times.  Here’s what to know about it.

First. You most probably heard of hydrogen.. but how is it beneficial in anyway?

For those who forgot their periodic table of elements during high school chemistry, hydrogen is the odourless, tasteless most basic and ‘tiniest’ ‘smallest’ molecule that represents at least 99% of matter in the entire universe.

It is also the most promising source of clean fuel on earth – and now it’s tipped as the best skin-enhancing element for its great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Facial Treatment

As of now, there are at least hundreds of studies pointing the benefits of this molecule to more than 170 diseases.

As an antioxidant, it works by reducing oxidative stress (that our skin also suffers from). It is one of the major culprits of cancers and illnesses.  

Oxidative stress also leads to a surplus of free radicals that speed up the entire aging process – obvious on those fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation.

Here's what experts discovered that it can do for you.

The Japanese has long been having an obsession to hydrogen-infused water (Shin’nooru) for bathing and drinking for both its healing and anti-aging properties.   

“A study published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology revealed that bathing in hydrogen-infused water for three months reduced neck wrinkles.”

On the other hand, sun-damaged cells responsible for producing skin collagen, also called fibroblasts, were able to increase collagen production twice after being soaked in hydrogen-infused water for three days.

Facial Treatment Singapore

What hydrogen does for anti-aging?

Hydrogen, which is a naturally occurring molecule formed by two atoms of hydrogen, has a small size that is able to penetrate and permeate the cells.

And with its microscopic size, it is a very effective and safe antioxidant to penetrate the body’s tissues.

Works safely

Hydrogen is safe, having no toxicity level, so it can banish the free radicals that cause a myriad of skin problems, such as wrinkles and fine lines, without harmful effects.

“Free radicals elevate the aging process, but hydrogen is here to the rescue. Soon, it will become the new skincare trend.”


Get rid of oxidative stress on your skin!

Selectivity is another benefit of hydrogen for skin.  That said it wouldn’t disturb its natural balance, such as the low levels of oxidative stress that can protect the tissues.

Boosts Antioxidant Properties

Our bodies have a built-in antioxidant system that protects us from illnesses and oxidative stress. With that said, we can stay younger, longer!

But as we age, this system degrades in performance, and when that happens, our skin can suffer from wrinkles and other skin issues. Thanks to hydrogen that can boost our natural antioxidant system.

Reduces inflammation

Molecular hydrogen for the skin isn’t just for eliminating free radicals that destroy the cells, obvious on aging signs, such as loose skin, uneven skin tone and fine lines, to name some, but also reduces inflammation, being an antioxidant.

Protects your skin

Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant on earth – and for one significant reason we should highlight here – it protects our skin from damage. This tiny molecule also happens to be the most reliable when it comes to anti-aging.

Treats sun-damaged skin

Sunburn has always been a hot topic – but hydrogen can make it a thing of the past for its curative powers in treating sun-damaged skin cells.   In fact, a certain study had it that bathing in hydrogen water could lower inflammatory cytokine and skin injury indices. Also, bathing on it can reduce skin damage level and boost glutathione peroxidase, a type of antioxidant.

Fights wrinkles

For the longest time, our ancestors had bathed in mineral water and springs since the primeval times because of their proven skin-rejuvenating benefit.  So those who desire to have a wrinkle-free and elastic skin, they might have to end their search for that perfect solution – because H2 is here.

Treats 70 types of skin diseases

nother promising benefit of H2 for skin is its ability to facilitate in the fast healing of certain skin diseases, such as arthritis-related lesions as well as psoriasis.

Even the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that molecular H2 might be considered as a psoriasis and skin lesions treatment approach.   The center added that hydrogen shows potential for rheumatoid arthritis treatment – particularly when it comes to reducing oxidative stress.

Hydrogen antioxidant technology is coming to Singapore!

If other leaders in skincare innovation couldn’t manage to use hydrogen for their products, we dare to say that we can! We’ll be launching our H2 treatment that can give your skin all the benefits of this tiny but big time molecule!

We’re developing an innovative breakthrough that can keep hydrogen stable so that it can penetrate and permeate skin up to 100X more effective than just ingesting it.

Definitely, another milestone in anti-aging will finally be here!   And we don’t want you to miss it. So right now, we’re encouraging you to become one of the first to know when this H2 antioxidant treatment is launched

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