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8 Best Hydrating Mists for a Fresher-Looking Complexion

Publication Date: 4 July 2021

Publication Name: TAJMEELI

Article Title: 8 Best Hydrating Mists for a Fresher-Looking Complexion

About: ONLYSKIN’s H2HA Anhydrous Hydrating Formula is a must try if you want a hydrated and fresher-looking complexion! This new nano-molecular Hyaluronic Acid anhydrous formula is bio-engineered for deeper and faster penetration of moisture to the skin.

Compared to conventional off the shelf Hyaluronic Acid, H2Ha Anhydrous Hydrating formula quickens the repairing and healing process enabling reduced skin inflammation.

With continuous application of H2Ha Anhydrous Hydrating formula, the skin’s resistance will be naturally strengthened to fight harmful free radicals. The unique formula contains free-radical, pollutant-destroying molecular Hydrogen Antioxidant to treat sensitive skin by strengthening the skin’s barrier and is suitable even for sensitive skin.