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A friend asked this morning..."why does your face look so smooth!?" Yesterday he asked if I photoshopped my picture! I said Raquel had me come into ONLY Aesthetics with Vanessa and try the needless skin booster! and in 1 treatment and OMG! Great results 3 optimum results! The day after treatment face was awesome virtually no downtime! So no photoshop that is my face! lol But thank you!!!!
Yvette Yuan
Actual Patient Of ONLY®
I cannot express enough appreciation and gratitude towards each and everyone that is involved in this practice. Every time I have an go in I am treated so special Last June after many consultations I decided to go ahead with ONLY. Their approach is professional and thorough. They has an excellent bedside manner and after care my advisor kept a close eye on me and my progress, from beginning to end. Thank you again the results are exactly what I wanted!
Elizabeth Tan
Actual Patient Of ONLY®

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super glowing hydration booster

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