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9 Best Skincare Products For Blue Light Protection

Publication Date: 31 May 2021

Publication Name: SINGAPORE TATLER

Article Title: 9 Best Skincare Products For Blue Light Protection

About: As seen on Singapore Tatler, ONLYSKIN Cleanse UV SPF 120 Cleanser is chosen as one of the 9 best skincare products for blue light protection, and with reason!

The first ever wash-on sunscreen cleanser powered by advanced technology that provides full coverage with strong protection not only from the sun, it also includes coverage against harmful blue light (HEV) emitting from our mobile phones and computers that are damaging to our skin.

This new and improved formula also contains anti-blue light prescribed active ingredients that suppresses and slows down melanin cell production, keeping skin soft, smooth, and supple without any greasy or oily residue.