Slimming Doctor Discovered How You Can grow MORE "BROWN FATS" In Just 3 Mins A Day.

Yes, you didn’t read wrongly. Here’s how you can have more brown fats in your body can help you Slim Down.

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Body fat might be the last thing you’d want to hear if you’re struggling to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. But did you know that a certain type of fat could actually work on your favor – to benefit your health and to help you lose more weight?
That’s brown fat (brown adipose tissue, BAT).

This type of fat is found in the human body at varying degrees.  And those with higher levels of it in their bodies are said to be SLIMMER AND HEALTHIER than their counterparts of the same age are.

However, the level of brown fat in the body decreases as we age – and yes, blame it on aging coupled with unhealthy lifestyle, poor diets, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking and stress. What else have we forgotten here?

Reason is that all these contribute to poor bodily functions – including that of the brown fat that works by burning the excess calories we consume on a daily basis.

To discuss about brown fat further, keep reading.

You probably have been noticing why your BFF isn’t gaining as much weight as you do despite the both of you eating the same kind of food, exercising the same amount of time at the gym and applying the same lifestyle changes.  And yet, end up appearing differently – she slim, you fat.

What research says?

Studies had it that people have their differences when it comes to individual basal metabolic rate and daily body expenditure. It also varies based on how much calorie we burn on a given day and our risk factors for weight gain and obesity, and that’s regardless what we eat and how much exercise we do.

Brown Fat to Lose Weight

But, why do some people gain weight faster than others do?

Your best friend does not seem to gain a bit of weight even if she eats whatever she wants – to whatever quantity.

But you can start packing on the pounds with a slice of cake or with a piece of burger. While you can blame it on your genes, lifestyle and diet factors can also help in figuring out how you are managing your weight.

So if you keep gaining weight, check out the following explanation on reasons you are packing on the pounds faster than your counterparts do.


Genes do not just affect your eye color and height, but they also influence your body weight – including the speed at which you’re losing or gaining pounds. Did you know that the human genome also has its genes that could affect fat development and distribution along with appetite and body mass index


You should not blame your genes alone for faster weight gain. It is not the only factor holding the key of how you lose or gain weight. 

Your dietary choices can affect how much weight you’d gain. For example, drinking two bottles of sodas with 207 calories add a pound in a week if you’re always exceeding your caloric requirements every day.

You should also avoid sugary beverages and foods, or those with empty calories having not much or no nutritional value.  Instead, you must go for nutrient-dense foods, including fruits, whole grains, vegetables and lean protein. You can have more of these foods without you going beyond your caloric needs while feeling satisfied.

Its important to get treated by the right provider that has long term experiences in treating dark eye circles with tear trough fillers! 

We understand that the anatomical zone of this area is complex, making it delicate, so ensuring the correct amount and type of dermal filler to help you achieve the best results.

What makes all the differences is on how we are effective in activating these brown fat cells.

What brown fat cells do?

The human body produces white fat and brown fat – the two main fat cells that our bodies also store. But the latter is the good guy – for its plenty of benefits mainly its ability of burning more calories that can be used for body heat production and energy.

With an increased brown fat, our bodies’ internal temperature will also increase because it can burn more calories that in turn generate more heat.

When that happens, we can also reduce our body fat stores mainly composed of WHITE FAT deposits.

Some studies have also shown that brown fat is able to burn up to five folds of calories versus other fat cells in the body do.

And while there are still plenty of things to learn about brown fat, there is growing evidence on the benefits it can deliver.  We can also increase our stores of it.


Brown fat how to lose body fat

Now, you can totally forget calorie counting because it is about the time to check on the things that can help you build your brown fat function so that it can help control your weight.

Brown fat, when working optimally, can transfer the energy from the food you consume into heat – for use as energy that can also help you lose more weight. In turn, brown fat can help you spend and burn calories.

It can take the calories in order for the body to produce heat, and it robs the other fat cells of the calories so that they will stop from collecting and storing fat.

So when brown fat is activated, it will influence our bodies’ metabolic efficiency and processes. One of its main benefits is the balance in blood sugar and the control of appetite hormones.

Working in this manner, a slimming doctor reveals that brown fat may be the Holy Grail to permanent weight loss!

The superhero fat – BAT – is made up of oxygen-consuming capillaries and energy-producing mitochondria. They contain small lipid droplets, which are surrounded by mitochondria.  The heat production coming from the brown adipose tissue can be activated when your body needs more heat.  Then, the rate of thermogenesis is being controlled by the hypothalamus.

Now, you may be asking, “How do I activate my body’s brown fat?”

Cold thermogenesis recruits BAT activation. Studies also had it that brown fat increase after losing weight could have a direct relationship with the drop of insulation because of the loss of the adipose tissue.

What weight loss does is to change thermal distribution, as shown by core and skin temperatures. Without even saying, cold thermogenesis in BAT to raise the level of energy expenditure is a potential weight loss treatment.

Cryotherapy Singapore

But did you know that aside from fat loss, Cryotherapy also has its other lesser-known benefits including,

  • Lean muscle mass
  • Pain management
  • Better sleep
  • Adrenal function improvement
  • Reversal of diabetes
  • Increased hormone levels
  • Improved immune system

    Add More Brown FATS with Cryotherapy!

Cryotherapy to lose weight fast

This Cryotherapy technology is not just a fitness trend that comes and disappears because it has delivered the results that weight loss seekers have been dreaming of for the longest time in their lives.

It can boost your metabolism and burn up to 800 calories in only three minutes a day – and yes, that’s something many Cryo fans have revealed.  The chamber is set to -306 degrees Fahrenheit – an effective temperature range that helps in activating brown fat deposits in the body. 

When it is activated, it will then burn calories including those being stored by white fat cells.

Somehow, studies have also noted how certain genes are activated to convert white fat cells into brown fat cells.

Based on a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the results revealed how being in the cold could help in burning calories versus staying in environments with normal temperature. 

The study participated by 12 young men, who all had lower active brown fats were asked to sit in a room having 63-degree F for six weeks, each day for two hours.

So if you want to increase your brown fat production and stimulate its function, get your CRYO from us!  Be one of those who have experienced their amazing results.  Lose more weight with our Cryotherapy.

Whatsapp or call us for a free initial consultation today! If you want to find out more about this latest discovery to weight loss… head up to 

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