Is your skin plagued with Pimples, Pigmentation & Open Pores?

Discover how a 10 mins laser skin treatment can restore you clear, beautiful skin complexion without downtime! 

Laser Skin Singapore

Laser skin quickie is the modern day skin cure-all treatment you need

Pamper your skin with a with a skin facial treatment that not only tackles pimples but large pores and pigmentation! The non-invasive skin treatment effectively treats skin troubles caused by sun damage, among other contributing factors. You’ll love how healthy and rejuvenated your skin looks and feels right after your treatment!

don't you hate it when..

you are frustrated with a face full of pimples and pigmentation that will never seem to go away?

• Your friends have much better skin complexion than you do (We are talking about flawless skin without any makeup)
• Magazine airbrush everyone's skin, eliminating all traces of acne, pigmentation and large pores
• You literally have to cake your face with foundation and pile on with concealor to cover up your nasty blemishes!

even if you have droopy eyelids. sagging jowls. sinking jawlines that telecast your "actual age"

here's the quick 10mins solution to clearer looking skin

Forget about trial and errors, store bought skin care products that never seem to work! When you can achieve the best results in as little as 10 minutes a week, 4 sessions a month! Pimples, pores or pigmentation, our patented laser skin treatment will free you from all your skin troubles! 

• This amazing medically proven treatment is able to target deep down skin layers and treat the root of your skin problem!

• Improves overall skin texture

• Reduce the appearance of large pores due to the stimulation of collagen during the procedure

10 Mins fast Treatment

Best for blemish, dull looking skin

better absorbtion for skin care

no downtime involved

start on your real journey to clearer skin without useless traditional facials

today thousands have been treated

just imagine if you can have improved skin complexion just like them..wouldn't it be amazing?

we believe being the largest provider, and having the most 5 star rated reviews means a big deal! I mean we don't brag, but but genuine reviews don't lie! With 4.7 star rating means that we're credible and we're doing it right!

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Don't miss out! Laser skin Quickie™ Treatment

Skin analysis & consultation

by skin certified professionals
  • Finally decided to take action to do something about your skin complexion? Seek professional help now!
  • 30min

Laser skin quickie

1 session | Valid for new patients only
$ 38
  • 10 Mins quickie to treat pimple, pigmentation, and open pores, Includes FREE skin analysis & consultation
  • 30min

Laser skin quickie

3 sessions | Valid for new patients only
$ 99
  • 10 Mins quickie to treat pimple, pigmentation, and open pores, Includes FREE skin analysis & consultation
  • 30min

patients who are suffering from acne. pimples. pigmentation are also viewed


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