rebuild smooth skin texture and surfaces in 30 minutes

acnexel™- skin resurfacing

deep acne scars . large pores . uneven skin texture

we all dealt with horrific acne before, but the after effect lives on forever!

let's be honest right at this moment..

Don't you just hate to see unsightly post-acne scars and deal with the from embarrassment because of your deep scaring from old acne? 
Finally, there’s a way to banish all those imperfections from your skin!

So here's the proven shortcut to get smoother, even skin texture!

Acnexel™ Skin Resurfacing is a gold standard in medical aesthetics treatments. It utilizes NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ (RF) and SmartScan™ technology to help correct the appearance of your post-acne scars, large pores, pigmentation, loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The state-of-the-art technology conducts dermal heating to stimulate the production of collagen, leaving you with skin that is taut and rejuvenated.

exclusive at only®

better results than CO2 Lasers and Fractional

painless treatment

no downtime involved

wonder how acnexel would work on your scaring condition?

hop on the bandwagon and get yourself a free skin analysis!

today thousands have been treated

just imagine if you can have improved skin complexion just like them..wouldn't it be amazing?

Awesome! I can't believe I am on this side of this message board. I have been reading experiences here for some time, and now I am in the process! Had mine done last month for severe acne scars. And I could totally see why people are coming to get Acnexel™
Geraldine .M
Actual Patient Of ONLY®
I have spent the last 17 years focusing all my energies, time and money on helping my daughter maximize her potential. It is finally time to start on myself. I have started on the Korean 10 step program for my skin and the results were wonderful but it let me to want to even out my skin tone. So a trip to ONLY Aesthetics..and after a consultation on decided to get on the Acnexel™! And I simply love the results! That I never imagine I could achieve in such a short time! And It's painless!
Kimberly .W
actual patient at only®

Skin analysis & consultation

by skin certified professionals

Finally decided to take action to do something about your skin complexion? Seek professional help now!


acnexel™ skin resurfacing

1 session | Valid for new patients only

Watch improvement on your skin texture in just a matter of days! No more painful lasers or ineffective fractionals! 


acnexel™ + post treatment recovery program

i session | Valid for new patients only

Watch improvement on your skin texture in just a matter of days! No more painful lasers or ineffective fractionals! This program includes a post treatment mask for ultra rapid recovery and glowing finish!


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