Everyone is talking about Acnexel, Can It Really Cure Acne Scars?

P.S Many say that it’s even better than Co2 Lasers

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Lately everyone are talking about this Viral Trending Acne Scar, Skin Resurfacing Magic : Acnexel. But does it really live up to it’s hype?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably lived with these scars for years, or have tried a dozen types of ways and treatments to solved away this deep rooted problem that cannot be hidden with make up.

I mean Acne scars are frustrating. Just imagine looking at yourself in the mirror every day wishing that one day these scars would banish forever! Poor self-image and lack of self-confidence, you’re not feeling your best you. We cannot blame you because looking good translates to feeling good

How bad that is to have these acne scars?

These acne scars won’t be leaving anytime soon if you won’t do something about it. Yes, these acne scars are reminders of how you seriously pricked and pulled each pimple you had when you were younger, but now you’ve realized this mistake.  And you want them gone for good, don’t you?

What’s worse, the scars won’t disappear even with makeup that cannot conceal them.  And we understand how that is hurting and reducing your self-esteem.

And in a modern world where everything is fast-paced, dynamic and ever changing, you meet and encounter different people, socialize and do business.  You attend parties, school events, gatherings and concerts.

As you meet different people come that hidden thought, that little voice at the back of your head saying, “What are these people thinking about me?  Perhaps they’re talking behind my back talking about how worse I look with these scars.”

We recognize and understand your pain points. We’ve heard patient stories – how they were miserable and concerned about their poor self-image with their scarred skin.

And here's the solution.

If you would like to achieve acne-scar-free and flawless facial skin, you should try Acnexel! It is the latest solution against acne scars and its birth makes CO2 lasers and RFs obsolete!

Latest solution against acne scars
Acnexel Acne Scar Reviews

Today, you can turn that dream of having flawless skin without fine lines, acne scars and wrinkles into reality. Worry not now, as it is no longer a dream or a fictional story.

What does Acnexel TReatment do exactly?

It is a skin resurfacing treatment utilizing Thermo-Mechanical Ablation TMA® that works in many ways. This acne scar treatment is just like having multiple skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments in one session of as little as 30 minutes.

It works by transferring heat energy to the targeted skin area safely, quickly and effectively and corrects post-acne scar appearance, loose skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Thermo-Mechanical Ablation TMA® can also target pigmentation and large pores. Another alternative is the laser for pigmentation treatment by Laser Skin Clarity.

Briefly, it does what it does effectively because it stimulates collagen production in the body.  How important is collagen? This compound’s main function is to keep the skin firm and taut – just like when you were in your teens.   

With increased collagen production, you stay looking young without loose skin appearance.  As you may already know, loose skin is a tell tale sign of aging, and that’s not going to show up soon if you would try this non-invasive and zero downtime technique to skin resurfacing that can also minimize pore size.

Acne scar resurfacing treatment
Non-laser hybrid acne scar resurfacing treatment

why acnexel is making co2 lasers & Rf's obsolete?

Acnexel® is a non-laser hybrid acne scar resurfacing treatment that allows you to go back to work immediately without having you to stay home for weeks! 
It just means it has almost no downtime to it! 
It also minimised the risk of us Asian’s of getting PIH (Post Laser Inflammation Hyper-pigmentation)

And perhaps, you’d be shocked to know that CO2 lasers are ABLATIVE and skin damaging.

CO2 lasers have many downsides – and one of those is it is WOUNDING.  (Hey, what did you just say?).

Yes, CO2 lasers are wounding the skin, and with frequent treatments, you can even develop excessive fibrosis and melanogenesis’ disruption, both contributing to hyperpigmentation, a skin condition marked by lightening because of melanin production inhibition caused by CO2.
That would mean you will need to spend additional $ to treat away the hyper-pigmentation!!

I’m sure no one will want to put themselves under such risk. True?


Did you know that CO2 lasers are also the most intense LASERS there are now?

This treatment makes use of too much heat energy to work as a skin resurfacing treatment. And with such action, it can also restrict the collagen bands located on the skin’s lower dermis.

Here’s more:

CO2 lasers are surgical and invasive in nature.   They can also lead to scarring, discoloration and reactivation of cold sores. They can also make Rosacea and skin conditions worse. Finally, they can LEAD TO PERMANENT, IRREVERSIBLE SKIN DAMAGE.

Now, let’s talk about radio frequency.

Radio frequency treatments also aim at tightening the skin from within and resurface new skin cells. It makes use of the same principle of using heat, which is generated by the RF waves.

However, through the years, this resurfacing technique is becoming so outdated because more effective skin treatments are coming out – and one of which is Acnexel®.

Plus, there are many side effects, just like CO2 lasers have. A few of these include the following.

  • Swelling and redness
  • Discomfort
  • Oversensitivity of the treated area
  • Sinking of the skin

Heat stimulation leads to underlying tissue contraction at the dermis level. It results to the soft tissue compressing, realigning and producing collagen. However, it takes months to complete this process.

bonus : here's what doctors and derms don't tell you!

Others that a doctor won’t tell you –

  • RF emits radiation that can cause sensitivity among some patients.
  • This treatment does not work for everyone  – making it unpredictable or may render it ineffective to treat skin problems.
  • It can have serious side effects – such as open pores, permanent scarring and INFECTIONS.

By now you’re probably know why the birth of Acnexel® will make CO2 lasers and RFs obsolete.  Definitely, Acnexel® is safer, more effective and not ablative and damaging.

Looking to treat your scars? sign up and let us know how bad your scars are. We can help you!

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