Does Lasers thin your skin? Myth or Truth?

Laser treatments can be often misunderstood, many might have the impression that it makes your skin thinner but is this really true?

Diving into the scientific terms, skin resurfacing lasers can be divided into two categories: Ablative and Non-Ablative.

Ablative lasers can be defined as treatments that poke holes into the skin’s layer, such as CO2 as stated by NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Daniel Belkin. On the other hand, Non-Ablative Lasers do not poke holes into the skin – they create zones of heat injury, which results in your skin being more porous than usual.

Non Ablative lasers are commonly used to treat pigmentations & for skin rejuvenation purposes. Singapore Medical Specialists Centre further emphasised that for such lasers, they do not have cutting properties that will burn or damage your skin layers. In turn, these lasers can actually stimulate collagen production & new skin growth, helping to improve your skin condition while firming up your skin. Hence, it is an untrue that lasers thins your skin, often a common misconception by many.

At Only Aesthetics, all our laser treatments offered are Non-Ablative by nature which helps to brighten, smooth & cure your specific skin concerns.

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