New 10 Mins Procedure Instantly Banish Dark Circles -For Up To 9 Months & Katy Perry Has Done it.

Sunken, Hollow Eyes? Discover How Tear Trough Fillers Can Get Rid Of Puffy Eyebags & Dark Eye Circles!

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We can say that filler treatments are effective and safe for everyone just like for you.
And just like the rest of us, we’re also interested to know more about dermal fillers, which can get rid
under eye shadows.

Remember when we’re younger? Our mothers used to tell us that getting enough sleep was one of
the most effective ways of solving this problem. However, this technique might not be enough.

What we need is to know the root causes of dark eye circles. So what causes them?

According to science, the under eye skin is one of the body’s most delicate and thinnest skin areas. 
The reason is that the finely textured epidermis or dermis possesses no oil glands. That being said,
the area is susceptible to eye rings, circles and shadows.

Certain causes also include physical or mental stress, aging, heredity, hormonal changes, lack of sleep and nutritional deficiencies.

Other causes include too much sun exposure that makes your body produce more of the pigment giving skin its color, melanin. It is also one of the causes of dark eye circles. 

As we’re coming of age, loss of collagen and fat as well as thinning skin also causes dark under eye hollowing because these changes make reddish blue blood vessels under the eyes to look more visible.

Speaking of which, many dermatologists note that both anemia and dehydration can affect the skin under the eyes that also lead to dark circles.  That is why it is as important to factor in much consideration and determine the root causes of your dark eye circles to work out the best solution or external treatments like fillers.

Why dark under eye circles are too obvious?

The main reason is that the lower eyelid skin is thin, letting sub-dermal features to become noticeable. 

With its kind of setup, without oil glands and with little to no subcutaneous tissues, under eye skin isn’t supported as other facial skin areas. As a result, aging in this area is more exaggerated than the rest of the skin on the face is.

What makes the matters worse are environmental related changes and aging, eventually leading to tone and elasticity loss – mainly due to elastin and collagen depletion and lack of their production.

But even if these dark eye circles are not as dangerous as some may be thinking, they might also be indicating health problems or reveal advanced age or fatigue. As obvious as the issue, individuals with dark eye circles suffer from much frustration.

While a few causes of under eye shadows, rings and circles are external in reasons, there are also ways that you can do to reduce them gradually. Lifestyle changes you can also lead to reduced fine lines and wrinkles around and under your eyes.  And by taking control of your physical activities and eating habits, you can change the way you look and feel. You will also become your more attractive version and feel energized in whatever you do.

So while getting enough sleep is vital, it is as important as knowing why you have these eye circles, shadows and rings as well as apply lifestyle changes that will lead to the reduction of under eye circles. And then, there is also dermal fillers to help with the problem.

What are dermal fillers for dark eye circles?


Fillers are efficient and excellent solutions to deal with dark eye circles because they can tear trough under your eyes. These fillers can also reduce the hollowing in the area and improve its appearance.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

These facial fillers are becoming popular because they can reduce dark eye circles gradually.  They do not only treat wrinkles and fine lines but sunken areas, too. Fillers can also be used in treating folds and thin lips. 

And with these fillers, you will be able to go back to your normal activities right away – and with a rejuvenated eye area appearance.

  • Getting dermal filler for the under eye area also gives instant results. You can enjoy its benefits right away, meaning you’ll get an improved appearance instantly!
  • Many of these products are also infused with collagen or hyaluronic acid, which can further enhance the appearance of the skin – and make it look young and healthy. They can make your skin look plump and hydrated naturally as well.
  • Long lasting results are also guaranteed. The effects can be up to six months, so you don’t have to return to the clinic for maintenance very often.
  • Results are natural looking! You can become a better version of yourself without others noticing you have had dermal fillers for your dark eye circles.

But how many treatments do I need for the best results?

Dermal fillers are done over a number of sessions to achieve optimal results. The reason is that the under eye skin is delicate and thin. You will need several treatments to prevent any bruising, swelling or any other complications.

How safe is dermal filers?

Its important to get treated by the right provider that has long term experiences in treating dark eye circles with tear trough fillers! 

We understand that the anatomical zone of this area is complex, making it delicate, so ensuring the correct amount and type of dermal filler to help you achieve the best results.

What to expect

You will undergo the dermal filler treatment without anesthesia because the needles used are thin. The filler itself may usually also contain a small amount of anesthesia. Then the practitioner may use a particular approach in administering the injection.

First, tiny needles will be used for correct placement of the fillers in the treatment area. Also, a cannula can be used in spreading the fillers evenly in the tissue planes.

A combination of approaches is to achieve optimal results, but in some cases, the clinician will apply a numbing cream over the under eye area.

You don’t have to worry about downtime with facial fillers though. In fact, you can have it done at lunchtime and proceed to your normal activities right away.  A little concealer can be used to minimize any bruising that might appear.

Are there side effects?

Generally, some swelling or bruising might be visible, but this should not worry you because it will be gone in a few days. Getting the treatment at by a trusted provider, you can have peace of mind that the clinician to do it is an expert in the treatment area.

He or she will provide you with recommendation and advice on how to take care of the treated area after the session. Follow his or her advice to minimize any swelling or bruising.

Usually, you’ll have to visit us again for the 2-week follow up appointment after the treatment. We will check if there are no complications.

It is essential to have and follow the appointment because it will let us monitor your treatment and your body’s reaction to the dermal fillers.

Choose the ONLY Clinic for Dermal Fillers for Dark Eye Circles

Feel and look like a celebrity instantly with brighter, younger and healthier looking eyes with the wide range of FDA-approved dermal filler treatments that have little to no downtime.  Do not think twice but grab the opportunity that offers a no downtime and minimal to no bruising/swelling under eye treatments.  We can you get rid of that hollowing, which make you look and feel old and stressed.

Finally, you can have rejuvenated looking under eye area without the downtime and any major side effects that other treatments might give.  Book an appointment for a free consultation today!

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