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Hey! You saw my little ad and you're here probably wondering how I slimmed down & transform my body in just a short span of 2 months?


Here's The True Story Of How I Discovered The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss.. -Coolsculpting® No dieting, exercising or even the need to consider painful surgery!


Coolsculpting®- A remarkably amazing medical invention by Harvard Scientists guarantees to destroy 30% fat permanently! If you want to get in contact with my Coolsculpting provider right now on how you can get results like me...I'm just going to leave buttons around this site for you to get in touch with them

 P.S : I'm serious & I'm not tricking you with any sort of gimmicks


*All information are private and confidential, Your information will only be sent to my coolsculpting provider. I won't get any of your particulars 


Hi everyone! Especially the ladies... I'm Gwendolyn and I just want to take this opportunity to share with you the secrets of being slim. The secret of how I actually got rid of my stubborn fat permanently, and how you can actually do the same! 

I understand your frustrations so well..


Because I Was Once Like You...


You devoted yourself ENTIRELY, FULL TIME to serious workouts and starving diets all because you wanted to look slimmer right? 

And to be really honest, I believe you know and have experienced how difficult it is. We just want to be confident about the way we look..


The Struggle Is Real!

Perhaps I've Tried ALL Possible Ways & Diets, Results- ZERO!


I could eat only a quarter portion of salad with absolute no dressing, 3 meals a day and accompanying my meal with plain water.. No illegal foods or snacks! And it was killing me.I became angry, because I envied people around me who were able to eat anything and everything they want and yet look slim.. ARGH!! I've a strict routine where I stopped eating after 6pm.. but nothing worked. AND FINALLY I GAVE UP! Sounds familiar right? 

Because WE ALL GIVE UP..

I hated my belly and thighs so much I wished that it will just disappear immediately..


My Fat Loss Discovery All Started With A Facebook Ad..


I know you're probably laughing away.. but it's ONE ad that change my life!

SECRET REVEALED : Coolsculpting® The Medically Proven Treatment That Destroys 30% Fat PERMANENTLY In Just 1 Hour! 


As usual I was on Facebook and I came across an ad It goes like this : " HARVARD SCIENTISTS DISCOVERED AN AMAZING MEDICAL INVENTION THAT PROMISE TO DESTROY FAT PERMANENTLY" Of course, naturally out of curiousity, I clicked in and.. Right after the next few minutes.. I WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY! Coolsculpting was all about helping people to get a slimmer body without surgery.. without downtime, without putting yourself into that torturous cycle of becoming slim!


BUT..Of Course Just Like Many Of You.. I Was Skeptical.

I went to do my homework.. and I discovered that Coolsculpting is really popular worldwide! Look at some of the results other thousands of clients have achieved..and i knew Coolsculpting was for me. Could you image? 2 Million Clientel getting results like these?? Darn! What have I been doing..


So Here Are Some Of My Homework That I've Taken Down (Just to let you guys know I'm dead serious about losing that stubborn fat of mine..)


Cool sculpting basically uses a fat freezing technology that freezes your fat cells.. destroying them that they’ll go away permanently.. And you'll never grow fat on that area! It comes with different applicators to focus target on problematic areas that you really want to lose on...And that was what I love about it. Because it was only the belly and the thighs I hated!

I've included a video below on how it works! Go Ahead! Watch it! 


Without Further Ado..

I Took My First Step To Successful Fat Loss..


I signed up upon the ad and went for a one-to-one consultation with my Coolsculpting certified advisor from ONLY Aesthetics to learn more about the treatment and how it could actually help me. So being a first timer, I was a little afraid to be honest. But apparently my advisor was SO professional, I felt really comfortable throughout my time with her. She showed me the treatment proccess, the results that I could possibly achieve..


My Very First Step : Personalized Body Assessment

I went ahead and did an assessment and the next min I was already laying down on the treatment bed.. feeling really relaxed as the treatment started.. ALL IT TOOK WAS JUST AN HOUR! I was thinking why did I initially tortured myself going through obsolete ways and means when i could have just done Coolsculpting long ago..


The Results Kicked In...


I achieved amazing body sculpting results.. I lost a good 9 inches across my waist..and 5 inches on my thigh area.  

I can’t believe I look Like that! I'm just extremely happy that I never need to diet and exercise every again!!!


All made possible without any diets, hard training, creams.. and side effects from other "so-called" weight loss methods.


So I really hope I could be some help here.. that you never had to suffer and torture yourself to look slim and regain your confidence. 

Oh yes! 2 More Things...That Is Really Important!


Choose Your Coolsculpting provider wisely.. Why? Because NOT all providers are the same! Clinics which are not certified are pretty much dangerous because there’s a possibility that you may end up with far worse negative results. But clinics that are officially certified & trained will enhance your results by 78%! And of course.. Don't get cheated by beauty parlours out there, because some do offer "FAKE" Coolsculpting that will not only cause you money but also bad burns with no results at all!

But I am very lucky that I met ONLY Aesthetics. Not only they had 10 years of industry experience, they could advise me well..They are also Singapore’s Largest Medical Aesthetics Group, who won multiple awards! Ha! In fact, I got to realise from the news that They are currently The World's Largest Coolsculpting provider.. housing over 15 machines and the latest applicators. I’m really darn darn lucky here.. 

Anyway, i've shared with you my secret to a slimmer figure.. and if you’re truly serious and interested in getting a slimmer figure, you can click on the button and sign up immediately without having the need to call up and go through all the hassle just to contact them. 

They will get in touch with you instead.  


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