CoolMini® How It Can Help You Get Rid of Double Chin In 40 Mins!


You’re probably noticing that you’re gaining weight, as you’re becoming older. You’re not alone at that. Many of us develop subcutaneous fat around our necks, causing sagging skin to appear. What we call the double chin. It is unsightly, as it makes us look older than we really are.

Aside from aging, some of us have this due to genetics, so we’re predisposed to developing at least one of it, sad to say.

But there is good news! Thanks to technology – as we can now get rid of double chin with cryolipolysis or fat freezing! It can help us eliminate this sagging skin around our neck.

A bit of a background: This latest innovation is by CoolSculpting, which launched the first fat freezing method on the market. Since then, ZELTIQ, the company behind it, developed different applicators to get rid of fat effectively using the fat removal technique of freezing fat cells away.

In months, dead fat cells are gradually flushed out the body using natural processes.

In the past, CoolSculpting device was too big, making it unsuitable for treating small fat pockets. It used to treat only large areas like our belly fat. ZELTIQ recognized the need for treating smaller areas, too, so they designed and developed CoolMini.

It is a much smaller device, which can be used in freezing fat cells away in smaller body areas, including the dreadful double chin. And the treatment can deliver permanent results!


Looking at yourself in the mirror, you might be noticing this double chin, which again may be a sign of obesity or aging. However, it is not always the case for many people who develop the dreaded double chin, which occurs around the neck. It can make you look overweight and older versus body areas, which are prone to sagging. This double chin is one of the major sources of insecurity for many, causing lack of self-confidence. Weight and diet: Double chin isn’t always caused by weight gain, but it can add to the problem especially if your diet is consist of salty foods and processed foods. Unhealthy fats can contribute to double chin and weight gain.

Genetics: As said earlier in this article, genetics can play a major role in double chin fat development. If your family has a history with double chin or they suffer from little skin elasticity, you are more likely than not develop double chin.

Posture: If you have a poor posture, you can have double chin because this bad habit leads to weakened muscles of the chin and neck. Over time, it can be the cause of double chin development because your skin will lose its elasticity when you’re not using the muscles properly.


It does what it does effectively because it is engineered and developed to tackle the main cause of the problem – fat cells! Both CoolMini and CoolSculpting work in the same manner through cryolipolysis.

What is it? This innovative technique freezes and then kills the fat cells using controlled cooling. Weeks following the treatment, the body will then eliminate the dead fat cells out of it through natural processes. As the fat cells are totally removed, they won’t return, ensuring long-term results especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

CoolMini is an effective and efficient technique to get rid of double chin, which is the most requested treatment area for the fat removal procedure. But then, this applicator also works in other body parts, such as fat on the abdomen, flank, thigh and bra fat. Plus, some men and women also opt for it for their underneath the buttocks fat, which is also called the banana roll.

Lunchtime procedure
Many of our patients go to the clinic during their lunchtime because the treatment only takes about 35 minutes depending on the amount of fat in the problem area. It is something that urbanites like us would love to have if we want to lose that double chin but does not have the time to spare in lengthy procedures also requiring downtime.

No downtime
When looking to get rid of double chin, patients choose CoolMini treatment because it requires no recovery! As said, patients walk inside our clinic during their lunchtime because it takes under an hour to complete. With it, many patients can go back to work or proceed with their normal activities right after the session. CoolMini is so cool that it does not also require recovery!

Versus liposuction, CoolMini and other CoolSculpting applicators are non-invasive! If you’re looking to treat double chin but does not want to go under the knife, you should pick CoolMini! It involves no incisions to the skin, yet it works as effective in destroying fat cells.

CoolMini for double chin is cost-effective versus other treatments out there. For one, it can deliver long-lasting and permanent results. When the fat cells die, they will eventually pass out the body through natural processes in months. When they’re gone, they won’t go back!

Unlike weight loss techniques, this fat freezing method delivers permanent and long-lasting results. It works to get rid of double chin but without harming the surrounding skin cells. Overall, it is a more cost-effective double chin fat loss treatment.


CoolMini and CoolSculpting are not for weight loss. If you’re looking to lose overall weight, you might not be a candidate for it.

Both treatments are for those aiming at looking their stubborn bulges, which do not go away through workouts and diets.


The number of treatments varies from patient to patient. Once you have visited our clinic for your free consultation, our expert will make an assessment and determine if you’re a good candidate for CoolMini. The clinician will also recommend you the most suitable treatment approach.

Most patients getting CoolMini can notice visible results after two sessions. Just like other types of fat removal techniques, results vary from patient to patient.


Just like CoolSculpting, CoolMini also delivers excellent results usually as soon as three weeks after the first treatment.

Patients, however, can expect for the dramatic results after three months.

Remember, your body will flush out the dead fat cells gradually after a few months. It will continue flushing out the fat cells for up to six months post the treatment.

It lets patients go back to their normal activities during the same treatment day. Some bruising and swelling might appear on the treated area, but this should be gone in a few days for most of my patients. Once you have gotten rid of your double chin fat, you won’t have to worry about regaining them even if you gain weight.


CoolMini is the most trusted in fat reduction of smaller treatment areas, such as double chin. With it, you can finally say goodbye to unwanted double chin fat.

Best part is that it involves no downtime, needles or surgery. While undergoing the treatment, most patients just spend their time reading, listening to music or simply relaxing.

Once done, they can go back to their normal routines. If you’re looking to lose that unsightly double chin, you might want to consider getting the CoolMini treatment at the ONLY Clinic.

Getting the CoolMini from the ONLY Clinic, patients can rely on excellent results. Our clinicians are trained and certified by ZELTIQ, ensuring patient safety and the best results. We also have years of experience in the aesthetics industry, making us one of the top choices of patients looking to improve their appearance via different techniques, such as CoolSculpting and CoolMini. Our team also makes use of a holistic approach by first making a thorough analysis of your situation and then coming up with a suitable treatment plan that works.

For getting rid of other areas of fat such as upper arm, read more on CoolAdvantage vs Coolsculpting


You can now wave goodbye to double chin with CoolMini! It’s the solution to get rid of double chin effectively and permanently. The FDA-approved fat freeze method is what you’ll need to target the annoying double chin and other smaller areas.


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