Apparently, Penis Whitening Laser Is Now A “Thing”


Have you ever heard about penis whitening? Well, this idea might sound strange, but it does exist! Did you know that there is a rising trend in the number of requests that a hospital has been receiving for this procedure? Yes! In fact, patients coming from as far as Cambodia, Myanmar and other parts of Southeast Asia travel for this treatment.

Bunthita Wattanasiri, who manages the skin and laser department at a hospital, revealed this news. Every month, the clinic has been treating about 100 men getting the penis whitening procedure.

He also noted in an interview with the AFP that many people were asking about penis whitening.

It is one of the hottest topics now – on social media and Thai TV. This news became hotter when they posted a picture of one of their clients who were having the penis whitening on Facebook.


However, the Thai Health Ministry recently reacted and warned the public that penis whitening is not a good idea. They told the people who were tempted to try it not to because of the side effects.

According to the source, side effects, including scarring, inflammation and pain, might occur. In addition, those who would stop getting the treatment could see their penis going back to its normal shade.

Also, it added that the patients could end up developing nasty spots. The health ministry also revealed that it could harm one’s reproductive system and even dramatically affect their sex lives.

However, it appears that penis whitening is not only for men.


This popular procedure is chosen by men whose age range from 22 to 55 years old. Wattanasiri added that it is also popular among the LGBT community.

Even if penis-whitening treatment has ignited conversations and received numerous criticisms and outrage because of perceived health risks and implications, it is still becoming more popular among men and members of the LGBT community that want to experience the results especially among patients coming from Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia.

According to a BBC report, more than half of the patients going to the hospital are requesting for the skin whitening therapy.

In the region, people get the whitening treatment because a dark skin color is often linked with the working class and outdoor labor. On the other hand, those with fairer skin are thought to be possessing beauty and wealth.

The hospital is one of the most known skin and laser hospitals in Thailand catering to clients who want to improve their body image, lately through the penis whitening treatment, which can improve the color of their penis.

They have developed the idea for the treatment when one of their male customers had complained about some dark areas on his groin.

About 100 men go to the hospital monthly or about up to four patients daily.

The innovative treatment makes use of a laser device, but they have noted that they were careful about it because it is a sensitive area.

This hospital is the same one that has also became controversial when they launched 3D Vagina, another beautification treatment.


The testicles and the penis appear much darker than the rest of the body. It is common among men especially those with ancestors possessing dark skin color. You should not be surprised if your genitals are darker than the rest of the skin in your body.

But if you’re one of those men who are looking to achieve a lighter penis color, you might also want to try whitening creams. It is especially true for men who do not want laser therapy for whitening their private parts.

With evolving technology and rising demand among patients looking to improve their overall appearance, new treatments like the penis laser whitening treatment is emerging as one of the most in demand treatment types among Southeast Asians and perhaps soon the rest of the world.

Just like other beauty and aesthetic treatments, penis whitening does not come without risks involved. Before getting it, you should make a research and weigh your options well. You must also request for it from a reputable hospital or clinic.

In addition, know of the possible and probable side effects of the laser treatment. Also, you should also consult your doctor prior to undergoing the laser whitening treatment for your penis.

If given the go signal, you should only rely on an experienced clinician with specialization in performing this type of treatment. You should also discuss any other concerns when you showed up for your initial consultation.

If you’re really into penis whitening, you should think about it more than once and determine if it is really something you want. Nevertheless, improving your body image isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it could even promote better self-esteem and confidence. Good body image can also make you feel good. But then again, study your options well and consult your doctor.

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