About Only Aesthetics

Singapore’s #1 Largest Multi-award Winning Medical Aesthetics Group!

Not every patient that comes across our brand would know about the meaningful story behind this more-than-a-decade medical aesthetics brand.

But if you are reading this, then you will be clearer on how your aesthetic service provider is. And how we are contrastingly different from other so called ” salons out there. It’s time to differentiate us from the norm.

so there’s a calling for us to reach out to those who are serious about changing themselves!

and how our aesthetic clinic in Singapore do it is by using only the best machines & technology!

that they are the most superior in the market to ensure you the best results!

We believe that results matters,

and by helping you as our patient to be successful, we are successful.

Because the best will always breeds the best.

When medical aesthetics was just at its birth, those dishonest beauty salons and slimming centres were not willing to invest in superior technology.
But acquiring substandard products that produced poor results, and worst still making patients pay for exorbitant prices for low quality treatment. Yet people are after it. Thinking that they “work”

So in 2005, we decided to be the righteous outreach to you and help you! Living and breathing the passion that we have till today!

patients first, money second.

About ONLY Aesthetics: Singapore

Today our priority is to help you.

Many salons and modern time clinics consider making money as the only thing important in business.

We, on the other hand, believe that giving our customers value for their money is more important. Helping them save more by giving them real albeit expensive FDA approved medical aesthetics treatments based on latest technologies at affordable prices that help patients like you to save more in the long run.

being multi-award winning means a big deal

not only we say we are the best but our clients say so.

Clients’ trust is earned when results from the treatment procedures is evident with the most reviews online.
Attention from the media and celebrities also kicked off, thus, the name ONLY Aesthetics started to come into the light.

About ONLY Aesthetics: Actual Client of Only Aesthetics

Cheryl Ng


"I’ve been visiting Dhoby Ghaut branch for the past few years and have always been warmly welcomed by the team. Always a pleasure to get my treatments done from chemical peel to hair removal with such friendly staff. They will also share promotions of what they think will suit my needs and offer the package without hard selling. This makes my visits more comfortable because no one likes hard selling. Appreciate the team for always being so attentive and calling me the day before to remind me and confirm my appointment 🙂 Thank you!"

Actual Client of Only Aesthetics

About ONLY Aesthetics: Actual Client of Only Aesthetics

Clara Wong


"It’s my 6th years being their customer. The staff are friendly and provide assistance to my needs. I am pleased with the service provided so far. Glad that the treatments are effective and valuable for money (: "

Actual Client of Only Aesthetics

a heart felt open letter
by two who have dedicated their lives to help millions

At ONLY Aesthetics, we believe that every person is unique; created diversely with different needs. We cater to each client’s specific needs and set up a program of treatment especially for him or her. Each staff is encouraged to live his or her potential to the fullest.

We make our staff happy even as we know that they can only be happy serving others if they themselves are happy. 
Together, we make a synergistic team. At ONLY, everything is exclusive, unique and distinct.

The remarkable and visible changes in our customers’ physique serves
As a mirror of our dedication in making everyone feel good if not better about themselves.

As we push off to another year and celebrate our 15th year anniversary, securing our market leadership
as the largest medical aesthetics group in Singapore with 9 outlets strategically located island-wide to be able reach out to
more people and transform more lives.

Rest assured that we will continue to serve you in the best of our capacity because your satisfaction is our ONLY goal as always.

To your most beautiful ever,